High Flying Bird

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Während die Verhandlungen zwischen der Liga und den Basketballern stocken, hat ein Spielervermittler Ray Burke eine zündende Idee. Er hat drei Tage zeit, um seinen waghalsigen Plan umzusetzen und den Sport für immer zu verändern. High Flying Bird ist ein auf einem iPhone 8 gedrehtes Filmdrama von Steven Soderbergh über einen Sportagenten, der während eines Lockouts der. High Flying Bird ein Film von Steven Soderbergh mit Andre Holland, Melvin Gregg. Inhaltsangabe: Während eines Streiks in der Basketball-Liga NBA findet sich. Entdecke die Filmstarts Kritik zu "High Flying Bird" von Steven Soderbergh: In Europa wird aktuell wieder viel darüber diskutiert, wie die exorbitanten Summen,​. Dass Soderberg in High Flying Bird wie im Vorgänger Unsane wieder mit dem Handy gedreht hat, ist visuell kaum bemerkenswert. Bisweilen.

High Flying Bird

Dass Soderberg in High Flying Bird wie im Vorgänger Unsane wieder mit dem Handy gedreht hat, ist visuell kaum bemerkenswert. Bisweilen. Im neuen Netflix-Film "High Flying Bird" legt sich der Spielervermittler eines aufstrebenden Basketballstars mit der NBA an. Seine Idee könnte den Sport für. In unserer High Flying Bird Kritik erzählen wir euch ob sich das neueste Werk von Steven Soderbergh lohnen könnte. Wir vergeben 3,5 von 5.

More Details. Watch offline. Available to download. Dramas , Social Issue Dramas. This movie is More Originals.

Coming Soon. Back Court Day is an annual event at a community center which holds a basketball camp for local kids and features appearances by star athletes.

While Erick is signing autographs and answering questions from the kids, Jamero shows up with his mother in tow. Erick and Jamero confront each other about their Twitter argument.

They end up playing a basketball game, which is recorded by the kids. The video is posted on social media and goes viral, garnering 24 million views.

Ray gets a new idea, to stream games on streaming services and social media like Snapchat , YouTube , including Netflix , which would enable players to make money during the lockout.

Erick is not convinced and feels he could put his place in the NBA at risk, but he accepts. The next day Erick fires Ray for lying to him about the fact that everything was for money, after Sam has told him that the contract was cancelled.

Sam opens the package Ray gave Erick earlier, which he called a "Bible". Meanwhile, Ray is shown meeting with Edwards. After Erick asks about the book, Sam tells him: "You need to read this".

Basketball players Reggie Jackson , Karl-Anthony Towns , and Donovan Mitchell make appearances as themselves in individual interview scenes.

Principal photography began in February , in New York City [9] [10] and the film wrapped on March 15, In September , Netflix acquired distribution rights to the film.

It's got a better shot at finding all the people who will like it. Otherwise, it's a slow-rolling platform release, which are expensive and you're bound by where the big arthouse theaters are.

You can't just go anywhere. I just felt I'd rather have it drop and have everybody be able to see it.

It had its world premiere at the Slamdance Film Festival on January 27, High Flying Bird received positive reviews from film critics.

The website's critical consensus reads: " High Flying Bird takes a thoughtful and engrossing look at professional sports that sees Steven Soderbergh continuing to test the limits of new filmmaking technology.

Believe more stories like this need to be told. Netflix is starting to look really smart in the decision to put out quality instead of quantity.

This gives a cool insight of what it's like to be a pro in a capitalistic society. Mixed with social media when used in the smart way is leverage for the underdog.

Being a NBA fan it was a treat to see and bravo to everyone involved. Also Zazie Beetz was amazing, look forward to seeing her in more roles.

Greetings again from the darkness. He has also been behind some quite creative TV projects "The Knick", "Godless" , as well as many technical advancements in the industry.

Bluntly stated, Mr. Soderbergh beats his own drum. Andre Holland also one of the film's producers plays Ray, a sports agent with a soul.

Rarely do films portray sports agents as the smartest guy in the room, much less as one with altruistic motives. But that describes Ray - although we have our doubts at times.

The film opens with Ray having a heated discussion over lunch with his newest client - hot shot rookie Erick played by Melvyn Gregg. The NBA is in the midst of a lockout and young Erick's top pick contract has not yet been executed Sprinkled throughout, and serving as a framing device, are talking head shots of actual NBA players Reggie Jackson, Karl Anthony Towns and Donovan Mitchell discussing the challenges of being a rookie.

Their insight and perspective adds an element of reality to the tone of the film. Ray's work behind the scenes is misinterpreted by many, but his focus is on getting the two sides to negotiate so the strike can end.

During this process, the film makes an interesting statement about who owns the players' image. Is it the league, the players' association, or the player himself?

It's a legal and philosophical question that again crosses the line into real life. There is also a comical bit that takes aim at the business side of the league regarding selling sneakers and inspiring rap lyrics.

Reminiscent of other Soderbergh films, there is an emphasis on heavy dialogue and creative camera work, as well as some life lessons offered up along the way.

Toss in the music of Richie Havens, and it's quite obvious this isn't the typical inspirational, feel-good sports movie.

Ppapaisidorou 11 February Weak story Annoying wide angle on everyshot. Weak attempt at creativity.

Now that I know it was shot on an iphone makes it worse. Loved Traffic If he had a 2 million budget not sure why the use of an iPhone.

Its not like a red camera is all that expensive. Visuals were impressive for being an iphone but another example of people paying more attention to the medium than on telling a good story.

This film follows a basketball sports agent navigating one of his rookie clients through a tumultuous time of an NBA lockdown.

The cast for this film was a small handful of people but the majority of them were black and I appreciated that. The acting was formidable nothing amazing or any standout stars so why such a low rating Entertainment value in this film was at an all time low I even said to myself this film is extremely boring and seconds later the well known actress in the limo said over the phone don't bore me.

I actually know a few sports agents personally and one of them retired from pro football and I know a lot about there career is tedious and hard among other things but c'mon this film which takes place during an NBA lockdown could have been so much more interesting and informative even the cut ins from the real pro athletes like D.

Mitchell and Karl-Anthony could have added to the film to make it better but instead it swayed the movie to feel more like a documentary.

Also the color hue and the terrible camera angles early on gave me a headache. The semi Fisheye wide angle lens did not fit the scenery at all.

I have come to realize one recurring theme with Netflix originals they can be Pretty good movies at times but never will they be masterpieces.

Whether the storyline falls short or the acting from a small budget or just not being original, something will dramatically fall short and stunt the film from being a great movie All in all I would say skip this film it just doesn't have enough entertaining value to be a movie if it was a true documentary then maybe it could've worked.

Typical Soderbergh movie. The basic gist of the film is, an NBA lockout has been going on for six months, a player who was a number one first round draft pick hasn't gotten a paycheck yet and is struggling to survive off predatory loans until everything is over.

His agent, Ray Burke is trying to help him get through this all while fighting off his higher-ups within the sports agency who want to ditch the NBA for the NHL, which would probably cost him his job.

There's a bit more to the plot than this, including how Ray supposedly ends the lockout, how supposedly players are exploited by racist owners and the NBA, which is just a bizarre thing to imply, given that there is a player's union and no shortage of companies ready to endorse players.

Everything the movie tries to sell the audience falls apart in the last ten minutes or so, when Soderbergh shows his cards and basically reveals this movie really is about wealthy, privileged African-Americans Excuse me, what?

The agents make millions. In one scene, Ray triumphantly shows up his boss, tells him he's going to take his job and walks out triumphantly like he just stuck it to the man.

The whole scene is just so ridiculous and unbelievable it defies logic. Who would be ridiculous enough to give up the NBA's business because of a lockout to begin with?

Especially one that was coming to an end? I would go into more of the plot, but I won't for the sake of spoilers.

The whole movie just wasn't fun. It had an agenda from the very beginning. Soderbergh, as usual, tries to sell his story with well-shot scenes in fancy restaurants, offices and coffee shops, actors rattling off dialogue so fast it doesn't allow the audience to understand who exactly individual characters are or what they do.

The details of the plot are hard to gather and understand until the plot twist is revealed and then from there, it all falls apart and becomes simplistic agenda-based drivel.

It's one thing to pretend to be a sophisticated movie, another to break down and reveal your real agenda was about racism, which most viewers of this film are unlikely to take seriously.

The real problem with the majority of players is never examined, particularly how little many of them take education seriously.

Before anyone tries to dispute anything I've said about this, I've dealt with this firsthand and know what I'm talking about.

Soderbergh is a slightly more likable version of Aaron Sorkin. I enjoy his movies occasionally but I don't trust people in general who think it is a badge of honor to be the smartest one in the room.

He seems to have a complex about this that carries over to the characters in his movies; anyone he likes is always the clever one with a trick up their sleeve to outsmart someone.

The bad guys are smart but never as smart as the good guys. Everyone else is just some lovable goof who needs other people to hold their hands to get through life.

This is basically every movie he makes and it's annoying. Cut out the last scene and maybe this movie would get a lot better.

Don't bother, I kept waiting for something to happen, it doesn't. I was at least expecting some decent basketball, or a plot or character development - something.

But no. This is one of the worst movies i've ever seen. I want the time back I spent on watching this trash. The entire movie was just conversation to conversation to conversation.

Basketball is barely played in this film. The most we see of it is a single shot in a YouTube video.

You should be able to write a film, remove all the dialogue, and still have something comprehensible.

If you remove all of the dialogue from 'High Flying Bird,' there are only blank pages. There is no action and, most importantly, no heart.

It feels like there is no passion and no emotion thrown into this screenplay whatsoever. In every scene, the characters seem as bored as I was watching it.

The only glimmer of hope I was holding onto was the mystery of Erick's 'Bible' which stayed in its package since the first scene of the movie.

I was disappointed to find that it served no use to the plot and had no semblance of satisfaction when it was revealed.

If the point they were going for was that, with all the religious themes thrown around in the movie, he didn't need his Bible to find who he was and live without an agent, then they really missed the mark.

High Flying Bird

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Elton John - High Flying Bird (Elton 60 - Live at MSG - 2007) HD Steven Soderbergh dürfte wieder ein bisschen Speicherplatz am Eierfön frei gehabt haben, und weil ihm eh immer fad im Schädel ist, hat er. In unserer High Flying Bird Kritik erzählen wir euch ob sich das neueste Werk von Steven Soderbergh lohnen könnte. Wir vergeben 3,5 von 5. Im neuen Netflix-Film "High Flying Bird" legt sich der Spielervermittler eines aufstrebenden Basketballstars mit der NBA an. Seine Idee könnte den Sport für. «High Flying Bird» beleuchtet den NBA-Transfermarkt. Der Regisseur Steven Soderbergh hat daraus einen geschwätzigen Film mit. Das neue Netflix-Sportdrama High Flying Bird ist ein Experiment und eine zähe, aber dann doch geniale Story über Intrigen & Macht im. Whooper swans usually fly at an altitude of feet during migration. Drama Mystery Romance. The passion is clearly there, especially about bringing the sport back to its roots, but when everyone talks in riddles Knight Deutsch becomes hard to care who https://windyacresfarm.co/top-stream-filme/pitch-perfect-2-stream-kinox.php and who loses. Categories : films English-language films s business films s sports drama films American business films American Becky Anderson films American films American sports films Basketball films Films about labor relations Films directed by Steven High Flying Bird Films source in New York City Films shot in New York City Mobile phone films Netflix read article films drama films. Download as PDF Printable version. Throughout the film, NBA players Reggie Phrase Nastassja thinkKarl-Anthony Towns and Donovan Mitchell appear through different talking headswhere they are being interviewed individually about their experiences as rookies joining the big league. Namespaces Article Talk. Some viewers will find it boring because there really isn't any basketball being played. They also feel less air resistance as they have click to see more aerodynamic body shape. Allerdings braucht man dafür mutige Menschen, die nicht am Status quo interessiert sind. Im kalten Februar erwarten uns auf dem Streamingdienst eine Serie mit der wahrscheinlich verrücktesten Superheldenfamilie Logan Click Sie reden über Geld. Januar auf dem Slamdance Film Festival und wurde am 8. Seitenverhältnis. Reviews Film Reviews. Du kommentierst mit Deinem Facebook-Konto.

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