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Located outside of Colorado Springs in South East El Paso County, Windy Acres Farm has been growing non-certified organic produce since 2000 and raising grass-fed lamb since 2016. Starting the farm was a dream come true for the Dahmen family who always wanted to grow their own food using sustainable methods. The farm is owned and operated by two generations of the Dahmen family.

Windy Acres Farm believes in the use of sustainable, beyond-organic methods to grow food. We use standards that go farther than USDA Organic Standards. We use no pesticides or herbicides and the only fertilizers we use are composted organic matter and manure produced by animals on the farm. We care about the quality of our soil and implement the practices of seasonal crop rotation and plot rotation. Our primary focus is producing the most nutritious food, while using environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.  



We are still accepting applications for the 2017 Season!


* Around a third of all food produced globally is wasted because naturally occurring variations make it less aesthetically pleasing to consumers. This food's nutritional value is equal to that of uniform produce. Ugly Shares allows the shareholder and farmer to reduce food waste due to abnormalities in appearance. An Ugly Share dividend is equal in quantity to a regular share, but may contain odd-looking vegetables. The Ugly Share Discount may be applied to any share plan. 


Briargate Area (TBD)
Colorado Springs
Monday 6pm - 7pm

Cafe Red Point
The Lincoln Center
2727 N. Cascade Ave
Colorado Springs
Tuesday 6pm to 7pm


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A Farm Share is a stake in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. CSA is a relationship between the shareholders and the farm, where shareholders receive portions (dividends) of the harvest throughout the season and the farm is financially able to produce fresh, local food.



Farm share programs are a great way to get local, seasonal food and support your local economy. A dividend is approximately the size of a standard reusable grocery bag and is comprised of nutritious fruits and vegetables varying through out the season. Early dividends are usually lighter containing more leafy greens and cold weather crops, mid season dividends will contain summer squash, tomatoes, peppers, and like produce, and late season dividends contain winter squash, potatoes, other root vegetables, and cold weather crops.   

Shareholders also experience the risks inherently involved with farming. Crop loss can occur due to extreme weather, plagues of insects, disease, and other unforeseen natural circumstances. Windy Acres Farm strives to mitigate and plan for any possible crop loss to ensure shareholders receive plentiful dividends throughout the season.  

When you become a Shareholder in Windy Acres Farm's share program you help support our operations and get to experience the bountiful rewards and risks of growing local nutritious produce. 


Windy Acres Farm offers a wide variety of beyond-organic, non-GMO fruits and vegetables. A list of produce we have grown in the past and will likely be sowing during the 2017 season can be found below. 




Windy Acres Farm raises Katahdin, Dorper, Finnsheep, and cross breeds of sheep. Lambs are born on the farm and raised with the ewes until slaughter. The ewes and lambs are grass-fed and pastured. Lambs are raised with out the use of antibiotics or hormones and ram lambs are intact. The lambs are processed at a USDA inspected facility. 

Lambs are sold whole at $7.00/lb hanging weight

If you are interested in purchasing a lamb share please complete the form below. We are currently accepting deposit for this years lambs. 

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